Stamas Bros Deal with the End of the World

A Happening Not Desired

Stamas Bro Aristote was upset. He had just been to a convention called N.T.S. (New Thought Symposium) and discovered something unfortunate. He found out that even though Armageddon didn’t come as scheduled in the year 2000, now that it was 2019, it apparently was soon to be upon us. Too soon.
Bro Seeks Advice of Bro

Hot off the press in the latest issue of the “Apocalyptic Daily” (passed out at the symposium) it was revealed that doomsday was scheduled for the day after tomorrow. Aristotle had a music gig scheduled that night making a meltdown and total obliteration pretty darn inconvenient.

Bro to Bro Solution

Below is Stamas Bro Aristotle after finding out that just around the corner that the Earth (as we know it) would no longer exist. He had worked hard on his songs so he went to Stamas Bro Homer asking him for advice.


Stamas Homer’s advice on coping with the end of civilization in his own words:

“My suggestion would be to go back to the New Thought Symposium and visit their vendor booths ranging from psychics to gurus. Maybe one of them has “divine insight” that is less cataclysmic.”

Seeking a Better Outcome

So Stamas Bro Aristotle, feeling a bit more peppy, went to the New Thought Symposium again and as seen below he discovered that outside of the building, the police were getting ready in case there was a peaceful demonstration.


Once inside the building the first booth Stamas Bro Aristotle visited was that of a vendor named Marty the Martian. Marty’s booth was dedicated to offering mars as an alternative to climbing a mountain when the flooding comes.

Asking the Tough Question

Stamas Bro Aristotle crossed his fingers behind his back and with trepidation asked the question as to when the Earth was going to explode. Marty admitted he didn’t know for sure so he suggested that Aristotle should talk to his parents who were well versed on the topic.

Mom and Dad Martian are Questioned

So Stamas Bro Aristotle met with Marty’s parents, Madge and Sinclair. They told Aristotle that the end of the world as we know it was not going to happen until after USA’s 2020 election.