Who Is That Masked Man?

I couldn’t resist. While I am not the Lone Ranger, I am Markos Aristotle Stamas. And I am Stamas Bro Aristotle.

Yianni asked me to post here. About my mask. My COVID-19 mask. Yianni is Stamas Bro Homer.

Who Are The Stamas Bros?

Yianni and I are the Stamas Bros. We are brothers. Not just spiritually. But literally as well. Named Stamas.

Why The Stamas Bros?

When Yianni and I first came up with the Stamas Bros, I was thinking we would be a great Brady Bunch meets Monty Python show.

We actually are the Stamas Bros so the name was obvious.

And we are sometimes funny. Or think we are. Which is just as good.

How Do You Pronounce Stamas?

Stamas sounds like promise. Or Thomas. Or like Tama with an S on each end.

I like the Stamas Promise concept. And so does Yianni.

So our promise to you is to try to be funny. Or at least entertaining.

Why Do I Have A Mask?

I live in California. Since March 19, 2020, the Spring Equinox, we have been under a Stay-At-Home Order. So we stayed at home.

Then we decided to use masks to protect others. Only when we go to get food and such. Vital. Essentials.

Why Is My Mask Tie Dyed?

I love tie dye!

My neighbor down the street had the same idea. His wife makes masks. He offered us some. We accepted.

I wondered if his wife had any tie dyed material? And she did!

Our masks were lovingly created by a generous neighbor.

Who Am I?

Learn more about me at Mark Stamas.

Where Have the Stamas Bros Gone?

In Search of the Stamas Bros

We are in search of the Stamas Bros. We do not know where they have gone. Last we know of any communication from them, was a month ago with the package. But then they vanished and the only clue as to where they have gone was a photo of a green lit club as seen above.

What Does Green Mean in this Instance?

Those who have been analyzing the case believe that the color green is somehow linked to their location. We are hoping that by publishing this file that those of you out there might have some ideas as to what the picture means.

A Reward

There is a reward for the person who provides the most useful clues as to where the bros of gone. Until next time, at least for the moment, we have lost track of Homer and Aristotle.