Shedding Light on the Masked Man

“…A boat pulling into a Bro-esque harbor”

The fans of the Stamas Bros have been contacting us saying they don’t understand the the post before last that Stamas Bro Aristotle did called “Who is that masked man? They wonder what it means and why was it done? Thankfully, I, as the “go between” for the bros, was able to get this statement from Stamas Bro Homer explaining what his brother was trying to say.

“Stamas Bro Aristotle was doing what is known as breaking the 4th wall. This is when a story emerges outside of the confines of circumstance and expectation into something that for the reader is like jumping outside of the box.”

So now that this box jumping has happened once, can it at some later date be safely experienced by the fans? Our answer to this is that we don’t know. There were some incidents that happened when Stamas Bro Aristotle showed us that things were not as they appeared. He is quoted as saying:

“The last thrillisode, or more precisely, Bro-isode, was my attempt to show the fans that my brother and I as the Stamas Bros are more than just a “Monty Python Wanna Be Comedic Nightmare.” We’re not out there trying to be “Something Completely Different.” We are who we are and I felt it was important to whip the curtain back to reveal that there are two Wizard of Oz-es who are pulling the strings. Think of us as a ship pulling into a Bro-esque harbor”

Imagine me, as a Stamas Bro Scribe, responding to Stamas Bro Aristotle’s statement with my mouth wide open and saying, as Tucker Carlson does:

“Thank you for that.”

(Please note that the bros watch to Rachel Maddow too)