Stamas Bros Ride Bikes

In this post we are going to discover that the Stamas Bros can do a lot more than just ride bikes. But in the meantime, if you look very closely at the photo above of the woman’s face on the wall, next peer downward. Viola! You will see the Stamas Bros’ bikes. This photography was taken just after the Stamas Bros entered a nearby eatery.

So until they return, we can talk a bit about why the bikes and what is their long term plan? The Stamas Bros have decided to do a bike ride across the country and publish the sights they see. Does this sound appealing to you? Is this the kind of Stamas Bros entertainment you’d be down for?

Or, would you rather see the Stamas Bros continue this new season with Stamas Bro Aristotle and Stamas Bro Homer both living on opposites sides of the USA: Homer being in New York and Aristotle in California? Please let us know what you think. We value your input. Okay, now to make it official, the promise to show you that the Stamas Bros do a lot more than just ride bikes. Stamas Bro Aristotle can play the guitar and Stamas Bro Homer can ride a unicycle while juggling.