Bro Check

Pressure to Be Funny

The Stamas Bros website was created by the Stamas Bros in order to share their offbeat sense of humor with others, especially those with the last name “Stamas.” And as such the bros have succeeded at times in finding what many of us Americans have uncovered: one’s sense of humor in these troubled times of facing a Pandemic. But the pressure of having to be funny takes its toll, even on the bros.

Thumbs Up for Stephen Colbert

So for the moment, the Bros (who have backgrounds in communication and entertainment), are making a concerted effort to help those creatives in need who are feeling especially battered in these times of COVID-19 and a nation divided. For some it gets more and more difficult to see what is humorous in things. Thank goodness then for those who entertain and inform like Stephen Colbert.

How are You Doing?

The Stamas Bros want to know about your dreams and how you are coping in a United States that is more divided than it is united?