A Very Long Time Has Gone by Since the Last Bros Post Because…


..things have been changing for the Stamas Bros, as is the case with everyone on this planet. Many humans on Earth are finding that life as they know it has gotten a wee bit more serious.

And the Bros, at least Stamas Bro Homer, have been chuckling less as well. Stamas Bro Homer has become interested in developing a methodology that could make it easier to create things.

Please note that in actuality “Solve Aim” does not exist yet. Nor might it ever. At this stage it is just an idea. Plus, the upcoming material below, is more about the protentional benefits “Solve Aim” might have, if it were to be created.

Sometimes, there are those of us, who panic over the cloud full of rain, with of course lightning and thunder. And because we are in this state of being drenched and freezing, we cannot Solve Aim, let alone get out of bed having sobbed throughout the night.

But this desire haunts you day and night. At work, the gym, eating out, night life you may muse on this thing you just cannot seem to get. You say to yourself: if only you just had the right plan or even just a high-end network of friends to help you.