Are You a Stamas Bros Fan and if so, would a Newsletter be Helpful, or Do You Get Too Many Emails Already?

To Email or Not to Email

Although some people sign up for newsletters, they often find they are getting too many. So, they unsubscribe to lists that if they had a lower number of correspondences, they received they might have read your emails.


This is why we bring you this story. It is very possible that the Stamas Bros have a low number of fans, or maybe even more than they think. But because they are not putting out there enough that if your last name is “Stamas” you can join the fan club, they do not have the adoration they might if they were a little bit more visible and reaching out to stamasites.

Last Name Restrictions

Another thought is maybe taking away this need to have the last name “Stamas” and maybe welcome those using “Stamatakos.” These and other ideas are being tossed around.


Please feel free to contact us with any ideas you might have on the topic. Thanks!