Where Have the Stamas Bros Gone?

In Search of the Stamas Bros

We are in search of the Stamas Bros. We do not know where they have gone. Last we know of any communication from them, was a month ago with the package. But then they vanished and the only clue as to where they have gone was a photo of a green lit club as seen above.

What Does Green Mean in this Instance?

Those who have been analyzing the case believe that the color green is somehow linked to their location. We are hoping that by publishing this file that those of you out there might have some ideas as to what the picture means.

A Reward

There is a reward for the person who provides the most useful clues as to where the bros of gone. Until next time, at least for the moment, we have lost track of Homer and Aristotle.

Stamas Bros in Las Vegas

A Gym Named BROZ

Fresh from a workout at Average BROZ Gymnasium (Google it!) in Las Vegas, Stamas Bro Aristotle (left) and Stamas Bro Homer (right) are both extremely modest about showing their physiques. But finally, with enough coaxing (from a tourist they found to take a picture), they go shirtless in a completely “impromptu” publicity shot.

Find the Emoji

If you look carefully at the bottom right of the above picture you’ll also see the Stamas Bros’ buddy, Emo the Powerlifting Emoji. Emo is also an Emoji Rights Activist and thinks emojis need to be taken more seriously and not just be random inserts in your emails, texts and more.

In Their Pads

What are Stamas Bro Aristotle and Stamas Bro Homer doing in the big “V?” For the answer to this we have to go back two weeks when Stamas Bro Homer was at home in New York, NY preparing to teach an NYC Workshop and Stamas Bro Aristotle was in his pad in the EXACT center of California (true location!).

The Bros Plan a Gig

The Stamas Bros had just finished their weekly Skype call regarding their next career move. They knew that in order to take things to the next level Stamas Bro Aristotle needed to take out his guitar and Stamas Bro Homer would have to put his NYC Workshop aside and instead dig up his magic wand. And most importantly they felt they needed to get booked for a “magic music” gig in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Fans, Where are the Fans?

Unfortunately after calling around to the clubs in L.V., none of them were interested in a magical music revue featuring the Stamas Bros, that is if the BrosĀ  could even get through to the decision maker. You see, the reality of the bros is that they have exactly one fan who consists of Stamas Bro Homers’ barber’s friend’s father married to a wife who asked the question of her sister’s girlfriend “are these guys for real?” But even she had abandoned ship citing that the bros weren’t as funny as they used to be because they had gotten too self promotional!

Bros Dedication?

But Stamas Bro Homer was oblivious to essentially having no fans and felt he was a master prestidigitator, sometimes calling himself a Web Design Magician. Therefore he blocked out the truth and thought that the reason booking agents had been hanging up on him was because they were so eager to get to work on the bros’ behalf, that they did away with the niceties and hung up on Stamas Bro Homer as a way to gain a few extra minutes of bro promotion time! As the sixth booking agent hung up on him Stamas Bro Homer he said to himself “Wow, that’s dedication to the bros!”

The Bros Don’t Want to Have to Actually Physically Go to Las Vegas

The Stamas Bros had just had a long distance conference about their plan to headline in Vegas as musicians and magicians. They agreed it would probably be easier to do their performances remotely using video cameras from their locations on either coasts. Therefore the audience would be staring at a monitor featuring them. Most importantly is that they wanted to be able to continue their current life styles without having to actually physically go to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Vegas Remote Appearance or Vegas In Person?

After the Skype call, Homer again called the booking agents. But as fate would have it the booking agent he got on the phone had just gotten a divorce and was really sarcastic about everything. So when speaking with Homer the booking agent was so amused of by Stamas Bro Homer’s naivete about the workings of show business that he demanded on the spot that the Bros not do their show remotely but to come out to Vegas now and test the waters. He said all these things in a very demeaning manner trying to hold back his giggles, but Homer didn’t notice.

Back to the Present

So here we are in Vegas a week later with both Bros and their friend Emo ready to audition for the booking agent. Stamas Bro Homer was so in denial that he thought the sarcastic agent was serous about wanting them to come out to Las Vegas and show their work including a new section to their act featuring Stamas Bro Homer as a Web Design Magician. But most importantly, Emo the Power Lifting Emoji had been added to the act as a back up dancer!

Promotional Photo

And it turns out that Stamas Bro Homer had PhotoShopped the bros’ heads on different bodies which both Homer and Aristotle thought would be a great publicity shot because as Vegas headliners it was important to have six packs. Tune in next time as the Bros come head to head with Monthy Python!