Warning: This Will NOT Be Funny!

Keeping Your Goals Inline

Let’s face it, we all have things in our lives that can prevent us from focusing on the realization of our billion dollar idea. That’s where marketing can be helpful. Yes, business plans are great and all that, but we believe that the strongest way to keep in line your path is through the use of marketing.

For the Introverts (and Extraverts Too)

Marketing for focus means having a presentation that when you present it, can be like you see it for the first time yourself. If you are extraverted enough to create a presentation and show it to others. Do it. Even introverts like ourselves can do this, usually using more introverted tools such as emails and our website showings.

Get Them Chasing You

As we discussed earlier, we are introverts, so we are always on the lookout for strategies that work with the more meek (but powerful) individuals. One method in the Billionaire Technique approach is to figure out ways to get your prospects to come to you so you do not have to chase after them.

How to Get Them to Chase After You

The Power of a List to Draw Interest

An example of this that comes to mind is that through a series of unanticipated rungs in the ladder, we were asked to get new tenants for someone who owned several apartments. So, what did we do? We made it all about a list and putting those who called in on the list if they wanted to be on it.

Why it Works

The technique worked because the assumption of those who signed up on the list was that this must be a great apartment if there is a list involved. You must truly believe that you can accomplish something for best results. Because unless you believe in at least some aspect of your presentation plan you will not be able to achieve it